A. Scientific/Innovative Research and Development

A1. Current issues and challenges in innovation
A2. Scientific Research and Innovative Technology
A3. Innovation management and policy
A4. Cognitive Engineering and Human-Systems Integration
A5. Manufacturing Science and Technology
A6. Control Theory and Application
A7. Mechatronics and Robotics
A8. Nanotechnology
A9. Material Sciences
A10. Power Systems, Energy Management
A11. Green Energy and Green Technology

B. Engineering Computing

B1. Autonomic and Autonomous Systems
B2. Evolutionary Computation
B3. Intelligent Techniques, Logics, and Systems
B4. Information Technologies and Systems
B5. Mobile Computing
B6. Security in Network, Systems, and Applications
B7. Wireless Sensor Networks
B8. Geomatics and Geoinformation Technologies

C. Engineering and Technology Concepts

C1. Innovations and Research in Engineering
C2. Knowledge Engineering and Management
C3. Applications in Engineering
C4. Biomedical Engineering
C5. Innovative Biotechnologies
C6. Networked and Social Systems Engineering
C7. Education in Engineering