Adem DOĞANGÜN was born in Yakakaya Village, Gerede-Bolu in 1965. He received a BS in Civil Engineering from Karadeniz Tech. Uni. (KTU) in 1986. The same year, he started working as a Research Assistant in the department he graduated in. He received an M.S. in 1989 and Ph.D. in 1995 from the Civil Engineering Department of KTU with a concentration of structural engineering. He started his academic career as an Asst Prof. in 1995, Assoc. Prof. in 1999, and Prof. in 2005. He served as the first-degree trainer on reinforced concrete and masonry structures and gave courses and seminars on related subjects to engineers and technical staff in Turkey. His current interests are structural engineering, earthquake-resistant building design, risky structure detection, repair and strengthening of reinforced concrete structures, structure-fluid interaction, structure-soil interaction, and masonry buildings. Prof. Doğangün is currently serving as the vice-rector and the chair of the Civil Eng. Dept.