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Determination of the Correlation Between Air Quality and Cardiovascular, Cerebrovascular and Respiratory Diseases with Data Analysis
Sultan Turhan, Defne Eskiocak
Compared with the other necessities of life, obligatory continuous consumption is a unique property of Air. Air is essential to the sense of sight, smell, and hearing and its pollution assaults the first two of these. Air pollution means that foreign matter in the air, which affects the health of humans and other living organisms negatively. In this study, we aimed to elaborate the correlation between air quality and Cardiovasculara, Cerebrovascular and Respiratory Diseases. Air pollution is the contamination of the internal or external environment of any chemical, physical or biological agents and the modification of the natural characteristics of the atmosphere. Pollutants that lead to serious health problems include particulate matter, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide. The study is conducted in the province of Kirklareli, Turkey. Although there is no industrial activity in the region, air pollution rates are very high.
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5th International Symposium on Innovative Technologies in Engineering and Science 29-30 September 2017 (ISITES2017 Baku - Azerbaijan)