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Rize Bölgesi Kompleks Sülfürlü Çinko Cevherlerinin Anodik Oksitleme Yöntemi ile Liçi
Figen Özboz, Mehmet Uysal, Harun Gul, Ahmet Alp
The roasting process carried out at high temperatures is applied in all of the zinc production methods from the ores. In hydrometallurgical process, concentrated zinc ore after roasting is leached treated with hydrometallurgy processes containing multistage leaching at high temperature. In the present study, complex Zn sulfide ore of Rize region in Turkey was leached with a single stage hydro-electrometallurgical process. Complex Zn ore was anodically leached in the sulfuric acid solution using original and mechanically activated samples. In the anodic oxidation leaching studies, the effects of mechanical activation, leach temperature and applied voltage were examined in the different conditions. Finally, obtained solutions were analyzed with AAS and zinc extraction efficiencies were calculated.
Published in:
5th International Symposium on Innovative Technologies in Engineering and Science 29-30 September 2017 (ISITES2017 Baku - Azerbaijan)