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On the Cold Forging of 6082 H13 and T4 Aluminum Alloy Bushes
Buğra Karahan, Umut İnce, Sezgin Yurtdaş, Niyazi Emrah Kılınçdemir, Fuat Can Ağarer, Cenk Kılıçaslan
In this study, manufacturability of Ø23x36 aluminum bushes with EN AW 6082-AlSi1MgMn aluminum alloy was investigated. Two different pretreated EN AW 6082 alloys, H13 (strain-hardened) and T4 (solution annealing and naturally aged) were used in the present study and cold forging performance of the alloys was evaluated comparatively. Compression tests were carried out at different temperatures and strain rates to model the flow stress of the alloys. Extrusion tests were carried out on Zwick test machine in order to determine the material flow and sticking behavior. Cold forging trials were performed on a press having 300 tones capacity in Norm Fasteners. All experiments and forging operation were also coupled with finite element (FE) simulations by using Simufact.forming commercial software. Extrusions tests showed that the level of sticking phenomenon on dies are high for T4 alloy in contrast to H13 alloy. Cold forging trial showed that both alloys can be forged into desired shape without experiencing any failure. It was seen that surface roughness parameter of the cold forged T4 and H13 bushes was 3.81 µm and 0.99 µm, respectively. Numerical and experimental compression force-displacement curves were also found to be in good agreement.
Published in:
5th International Symposium on Innovative Technologies in Engineering and Science 29-30 September 2017 (ISITES2017 Baku - Azerbaijan)