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Design, Manufacturıng and Performance Analysıs of Solar Energy Assisted Heat Pump of Mint Leaves Dryer
Mustafa Ertürk, Yusuf Çay, Can Coskun, Zuhal Oktay, Ali Kecebas, Ali Dasdemir
In this study, design, production and performance analysis of solar energy-assisted air/air heat pump and mint drying stove have been carried out. The system designed and produced as closed cycle. Temperature of air, that has been preheated by hot air collectors, is increased by making it passed through heat pump condenser. Drying air temperature in control system has been set to 40 C . Electrical resistance system is activated in a condition of temperature drops to below 40 C . The moisture that had been sent away from mint is passed over evaporator. The air ,dehumidificated in evaporator exit, is sent again to hot air collector to be reheated. Mint were dried at 40 C dry bulb temperature and average 0.5 m/s air velocity in a period of 420 min. According to experiment results, average heating coefficient performance (COPwh) and specific moisture extraction rate (SMERws) were calculated for whole system as 2.32 and 0.218 kg/kWh respectively.
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5th International Symposium on Innovative Technologies in Engineering and Science 29-30 September 2017 (ISITES2017 Baku - Azerbaijan)