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Compact Single-band Monopole Antenna With C-shaped and S-shaped Meander Strips For 4.5G Applications
Cihat Şeker, Turgut Öztürk, Muhammet Tahir Güneşer
In this study, we proposed a compact microstrip monopole antenna, consist of FR4 as a substrate with thickness of 1.6mm. Planar-fed single-band monopole antenna was designed by embedding an S-shaped meander strip into a C-shaped strip, capable for 4.5G application. It was shaped a very simple and compact structure, is easy to be fabricated The prototype of the proposed antenna has been simulated on Ansys HFSS module and radiation performance and antenna gain across the single frequency range have been obtained. The return-loss bandwidth was measured as 54.4 MHz centering at 2.60 GHz, covering the required bandwidth of 4.5G standard, as a reference of -10 dB.
Published in:
5th International Symposium on Innovative Technologies in Engineering and Science 29-30 September 2017 (ISITES2017 Baku - Azerbaijan)