Topic C10 - Biomedical Engineering

C10-ISITES2015ID34 Probiotic effect of some local strains of Lactobacillus genre against Escherichia coli responsible of infantile diarrheas (in vitro study)
Koiche Malika, Dilmi Bouras Abdelkader

C10-ISITES2015ID194 Multichannel patch-clamp system with three-dimensional porous alumina structure on planar chip New generation of the patch-clamp systems
N. Mukhurov, P. Bulai, I. Gasenkova, S. Cherenkevich

C10-ISITES2015ID211 The Effect of Obstructive Sleep Apnea on the Electrocardiogram Signals
Necmettin Sezgin

C10-ISITES2015ID282 In Silico Development of 3-dimensionel Retina Model and Monophasic Stimulation Environment
Mahmut Emin Çelik, İrfan Karagöz

C10-ISITES2015ID301 An Automatic Embryonic Stem Cell Counting Method
Ali Furkan Kamanli, Gökçen Çetinel